We represent a forward-thinking philosophy in creative ways.
Our mission is to inspire the new generations and excel as the world around
us evolves, with the least environmental impact.


Our initiative starts now! We are planning to make our world a better
place to live in. This year we have begun implementing sustainable
practices, processes, and materials in order to reduce
our ecological footprint on our home planet.


We have spent the last few years reconstructing our strategies and building our
knowledge to source and use more sustainable raw materials. But we didn’t stop there.
Throughout our business, we are constantly refining not only our environmental impact
but our social responsibilities too. With a commitment to responsible practices
and trainings, as well as to responsible social impact, we envision a world with a BETTER FUTURE.



Supporting our sustainability vision are four core pillars, which will be our foundations for the years to come.


Starting from this year, we are committed to incorporating sustainable materials into our products beginning with recycled polyester (fibers). Our goal is to increase the content of recycled polyester in the years to come, as well as, expanding to recycled nylon fibers and organic cotton fibers.


Another important step towards sustainable development is our commitment, as from the fall/winter 2020 collection, that all our outerwear jacket fabrics will be 100% PFC Free. PFC Free means no toxics are used or released so it is environmentally friendly and safe for humans.


For our practices to be truly sustainable in the long term our team needs to have a deep understanding of all the pillars of sustainability and the circular economy. With that in mind we will devote several hours to sustainable development training to cultivate the proper tools and  develop critical thinking.


Corporate social responsibility is vital not just for the environment but also for the society and the world at large. Our mission is to continue building our social responsibility in three different but interconnected directions. Firstly, the improvement of employer benefits by providing private health insurance programs. Secondly, empowering vulnerable groups by supporting a wide range of non-profit organizations. And thirdly, engaging our employees in volunteering activities for the community and the environment.